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And for sexually active people in middle age, there is often a significant lack of knowledge.” For now, until sexual health education is more widely available, there are plenty of support services including GPs, well woman/well man sexual health clinics and the Guide Clinic at St James’s Hospital.

The IFPA offers free advice, and there are plenty of online services such as Healthy

The association said there was a perception that once women reached menopause, that they no long needed sexual health services. Minding our sexual health all through our life is as important as looking after our physical and mental health.For many women, perhaps coming out of a long marriage or relationship, they perhaps don’t seem to think they have to go back to the good old days of contraception and protection.This lack of knowledge about sexual health needs is apparent not just in the number of unplanned pregnancies in older women, but the rise of STDs in that age group as well.According to Henchion, advice from GPs can sometimes vary in quality and quantity, and so any sexually active woman over the age of 40 needs to seriously consider both her health risks and contraception needs.Who they do not see are the men and women not seeking sexual health services, or asking openly about their needs.

One of the reasons there is a rise in general of STDs is because far more tests are being carried out, and therefore, more positive results.“We see women not knowing if they need emergency contraception or whether they are experiencing menopausal symptoms.They’re not sure even in their late 40s and early 50s whether they still need contraception.” The recommendation for contraception is very simple, yet perhaps not widely known.But now middle-aged women can have tight skin, fashionable clothes and sex as well. If you think your sex life is over at 50, it will be.“Attitude is so important,” says sex therapist Kate Mc Cabe.The recommendation is that anyone who is sexually active needs regular screening.