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In Season 8, Castiel was brain-washed by one of the more nefarious angels, Naomi, to kill Dean.After succeeded in killing all of the "test" Deans she had for him, when it came time for the real thing, Dean was able to get through to Cas by saying three little words: "I need you."It was Season 5, and Dean had just come back from a future where the world was basically facing a disease-ridden apocalypse (long story, just go with it).From the all-business angel assistance to every "I need you" we've been granted, here are the nine best Destiel scenes from Supernatural.

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Misha is a certified lifeguard, EMT and motorcyclist who currently resides in Los Angeles. https:// v=dm7y AWp X1Mc Millions of people participate in The Shortys to recognize individuals and organizations producing great content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, You Tube, Snapchat, Instagram, You Now,, and the rest of the social web.Basically, it was Supernatural's biggest meta moment.I just loved how Misha was trying so hard to be friends with Jensen and Jared. A film Misha helped produce, Loot, won Best Documentary Feature at the LA Film Festival in 2008 and aired on HBO.

Misha founded the 501c3 Random Acts, which has built schools, orphanages, and mobilized people all over the world to participate in good works.

On the big screen, Misha is best known for his role as serial killer Paul Bernardo in the film Karla.

Other film credits include Par 6 and Girl, Interrupted. He earned a BA in Social Theory from The University of Chicago, where he graduated with honors.

Basically, this was the moment when we all realized the two were destined for a beautiful friendship.

Castiel said this to the angel Michael when he was fighting with Sam and Dean near the pit of Hell in Season 5.

I got a little nervous.”Misha: “That was hard.”Jensen: “It was.”Misha: “It was like being in the water without a life jacket. ”Misha: “Just not being able to see him.”Jared: “I’ll let you know he’s there.