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I gently moved her arm, then her leg, and pushed her over a little.She never even flinched just kept sleeping and went back to snoring as she laid on her back.Since that moment I've continued to think about her and how attractive I thought she was.

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I sat up thinking "this sucks, I'm dunk, horny, and can't sleep." This is when I noticed that the t-shirt mom was wearing had ridden up to her chest and she was laying there exposed from the chest down.

I attempted to pull the t-shirt down but instead I pulled it up, so I could see her tits.

I don't recall her having a long-term boyfriend or dating much. " Then I gave her a huge hug and it got awkward for a moment because we both held each other a little too long.

On my 21st birthday mom texted me "Mike, make sure you come straight home from work I have a surprise for your birthday." I told her I would be because I had no plans anyway. When we let go of each other it was silent for a minute and mom seemed flustered and her face was beet red.

I realized when we hugged the other day that I found her to be attractive because I started to get a semi hard on.

I was embarrassed but don't think she noticed it, but paranoia crept in and that's why it felt awkward to me.When we got there, we realized there was only one bed and I could hear mom on the phone with the front desk."This is Shellie in room 301 and I think you made a mistake my reservation was for two beds..."Okay sweetie, good night, get some rest we have a long day tomorrow." "Good night mom." A few minutes went by and she was already snoring, and I couldn't fall asleep.Mom rolled over and draped her leg and arm across me, her face was almost on my chest.Get ready and let's go have some fun." Mom and I went down to the casino to play the slots.