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Where a transport pictogram appears on a label, a GHS pictogram for the same hazard shall not appear. The GHS pictograms, for example irritant and chronic health effects, are not required for the transport of dangerous goods and shall not be displayed on freight containers, road vehicles, railway wagons or railway tanks. Labels for paints and varnishes that contain lead The package label of paint and varnish that has a lead content exceeding 0,15 % Pb (by mass), as determined in accordance with ISO 6503, shall bear the following warning: a) if container content is equal to or exceeds 125 m L: "Warning! Should not be used on surfaces liable to be chewed or sucked by children." b) if container content is less than 125 m L: "Warning! Labels for adhesives that contain cyanoacrylates 2.1 The package label of an adhesive that is based on cyanoacrylates shall bear the following warning: Cyanoacrylate.

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The next registration renewal period will be October through December of 2016.

The requirement for mandatory electronic registration will begin January 4, 2020, and the requirement for providing a unique facility identifier (UFI) will begin October 1, 2020.

The new regulation has been recommended for promulgation to the Minister of Labour.

It provides that compliance with the national standard on the GHS and the current national system is allowed during the transition period so that the transition at a national level is facilitated while at the same time accommodating international trade requirements. Labels for products that contain cadmium alloys The package label of a product that contains cadmium alloys intended for use in brazing or soldering shall bear the following warning: Warning!

Those facilities are domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food for human or animal consumption in the United States.

Section 103(c) of FSMA directs FDA to conduct a rulemaking to “clarify the activities that are included as part of the definition of the term ‘facility’ under such section 415 [of the FD&C Act].” A clarification of activities included as part of the definition of the term “facility” is included in the rulemaking for preventive controls, as provided by section 103(c) of FSMA.Under FSMA, all food facilities that are required to register with FDA under section 415 of the FD&C Act, including foreign facilities, are required to submit registration renewals to FDA during the registration renewal period.Beginning January 4, 2020, facilities must submit registrations, registration renewals, updates, and cancellations to the FDA electronically, unless the FDA has granted a waiver.SDS in South Africa contains 16 sections which are same with GHS. Labels for products that contain epoxy constituents The package label of a product that contains epoxy constituents with an average molecular mass equal to or below 700, shall bear the following inscription: Contains epoxy. The requirements for labelling and marking of dangerous goods packaging for transport are covered in SANS 10229-1 and SANS 10233 as relevant. 2.2 Appropriate safety advice on cyanoacrylates shall accompany the package. Labels for products that contain isocyanates The package label of a product that contains isocyanates, for example as monomers, oligomers, prepolymers, or as mixtures thereof, shall bear the following inscription: Contains isocyanates. To obtain a waiver, facilities must submit a written request to the FDA that explains why it is not reasonable to use the electronic registration system (e.g., lack of Internet access).