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A collection account can have a major credit score impact.

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That’s left up to the courts to decide.) If you think a debt collector is calling too often, start making a record of every time they call and any messages they leave.

Number of complaints: 9,034 The law: Debt collectors may be allowed to charge interest on debts they are collecting.

Number of complaints: 14,482 The law: If you tell a collector not to call you at work to discuss the debt, those calls must stop.

And debt collectors cannot discuss debts with co-workers except in very limited circumstances (when executing a legal wage garnishment, for example).

Number of complaints: 37,543 The law: Collectors can’t call repeatedly just to harass you.

(However there is no specific number of calls that they can make within a given time period.Many people use Kafka as a replacement for a log aggregation solution.Log aggregation typically collects physical log files off servers and puts them in a central place (a file server or HDFS perhaps) for processing.Number of complaints: 13,329 The law: Obscene, profane or abusive language—including racial slurs—is illegal. Take notes and tell them you’ll be taping the conversation.Number of complaints: 8,166 The law: Collectors may not call before 8 a.m. (unless you’ve given them permission to do so), or at times you’ve told them are inconvenient.These feeds are available for subscription for a range of use cases including real-time processing, real-time monitoring, and loading into Hadoop or offline data warehousing systems for offline processing and reporting.