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See LTE isn’t like ADSL – when it goes down there’s really not much you can do about it.

And being a new package and all, there seems to be confusion at Telkom itself as to how to deal with it.

These days, if you want to be able to download content at blisteringly quick speeds and maybe share a stream or two, then you’re going to need a new form of internet that is capable of handling high speeds on the down and the upload.

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Prices are currently sorted by a set of tiers, based on your area.

The first 50 people in your zone get the contract for R599 a month, the next 50 for R699 a month and the final 50 for R799 a month.

Tshwane lies in a warm, sheltered, fertile valley surrounded by hills in the Gauteng province approximately 60 kms north of Johannesburg.

Its temperate climate encouraged luxuriant growth and for a long time Tshwane was known for its magnificent roses and lilac foliaged jacaranda trees which still line the streets.

Here’s my current speed test from the time this post was written, of my wired, external antenna results: And using the router’s own paddle antennas, this is what I got: There’s a few caveats here of course.

For starters, I’m in Port Elizabeth, which has just begun setting up a proper LTE network, when compared to the more advanced infrastructure of Johannesburg or Cape Town.

That’s not to say that ADSL is completely obsolete thanks to competitive prices in the market, but you want something better. That included the necessary SIM card, a Huawei router, an outdoor Poynting antenna and installation.

And then there’s Telkom, with their current LTE uncapped deal which sounds too good to be true. Supposedly, you’re able to get peak speeds of to 100mb/s on the deal, if you’re in a decent enough area on the coverage map, with upload speeds that stretch from anywhere from 5mb/s through to 25 even.

I’m also at the edge of the coverage map apparently, with my neighbours terribly massive palm trees regularly disrupting my line of sight signal.

Which is odd, considering how much better the signal usually is when I have the router’s antenna attached.

But it’s a mostly stable connection so far, and I’m loving it.