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​ We recently scoured through the ' Soul Mate' pages of a local daily and here are what some of the women over 30 demanded: There was Mary*, 48, never married, no kids. ALSO READ: My wife messed Christmas I was enjoying with my mistress So why do these women defy conventional expectations and demands?

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In a world in which people want to take studio quality photographs without ever taking a class, it makes sense that they would try to find an approach to dating that eliminates the time lag between “is s/he interested? ” But can such sites gain popularity in Kenya, where most of the population still do not have access to the internet? Online dating sites like e-Harmony or Ok Cupid, which enjoy enormous popularity in other parts of the world, barely register in Kenya, even though the basic versions are free to use.The main obstacle has been that while the cost of internet connectivity has been steadily declining, the cost of owning a personal computer has remained relatively high, keeping non-essential computer use out of reach for most. An estimated 80% of internet users in Africa connect through their mobile phones.Sometimes they married widowers through match-making family connections."For my sisters though, they refused the options and were offered land by my father," says Mrs Kiplagat.Two, the newspaper and the Internet give love seekers an opportunity to specify what they want in a soul mate. Given that some of them are toto mamas already, word in the street is that their market value is under 'speculation.' Yet they have the highest standards one would expect from women in their nubile 20s.

The older the lonesome, the more demanding and specific the attributes they want. At their age, gravity has taken its toll and some callers want to use the women's desperation and loneliness to con them off cash.

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One, there is thinly veiled but discernible desperation among the lone-wolves. She wants a born-again Christian and professional man aged 35-40. All of them don’t want jokers, even though many jokers still call.

ALSO READ: Ladies, these men shouldn’t be in your list come 2018 Bad behaviour-50-year old mother claims For Josephine Ondabu, a 50 year old mother of six, they had it fairly easy in their day. Those who, after 30, were not married had a problem, probably bad behaviour.

We got married mostly through match-making." For Lorna Kiplagat, a 55 year old married woman, such women in the past were only eligible candidates for a polygamous setting, as a second or even third wife.

In Western countries, dating apps like Tinder attempt to create modern iterations of these signposts.