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Anyone who's been single in the last few years knows that the singles scene has become a much more complicated place than it was in days of yore.Along with the hard-won victories women have claimed in the fight for gender equality and equal rights have come new questions about our role in the dating game.They keep texting you or Facebook messaging you, but there's no talk of planning a third date.

You hung out a few times, and their charm and attentiveness won you over. The catch-and-release method, like cultivating lay-bys, is a tactic used by people who need constant affirmation and validation.

But as soon as you started to act interested, to really like the person, they were suddenly very busy. But for catch-and-releasers, there's often a fear of engulfment or codependence that causes them to run at the first sign you could really care about them.

If your partner is isolating you from your friends and family, you are being abused.

If your partner forces you to have any kind of sex when you don’t want to—it’s abuse.

Are you concerned that you or someone you care about is in a dating relationship that is unhealthy or dangerous?

Although we often think of the teen years as “sweet” or “fun” or “without worries,” the truth is teens can be suffering abuse within their relationships as well.

If you are a victim of teen dating abuse, start by talking to a trusted adult. Abuse can lead to anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, or thoughts of suicide.

Talk with a parent or adult relative, a school counselor or teacher.

So, we decided to make it just a little easier for you to navigate the pitfalls of 2017's virtual dating game.

And while we can't implant a chip into people's heads that lets us read their minds just yet, we So, you've gone on a couple of good dates with someone, and all of a sudden the momentum stalls.

The other possible cause of this type of behavior is a subconscious belief that only people who don't want you are worth having.