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By Benjamin Greene, Family Share This is probably one of the age-old questions that until the advent of modern dentistry could only be answered by our great-grandmother’s old wives' tales. Thumb-sucking is an instinctive reflex that gives your baby comfort and helps them feel secure.

As horny as she was, all it would take was one look at Laca's udders to draw her in like a fish on a line. But damn it, she still had things she needed to talk about.

It would make it so much easier to concentrate when she didn't have that task hanging over her head. Confirming that the bucket's enchantment was active, she reached forward with her other hand and gently tickled Laca's nipple. " Despite knowing it was coming, Laca's lips half-opened in pleasure and relief as the milk spurted out and guided itself into the pail. "Jill," she said softly, reaching over to tickle the other breast. For a moment, Bobbin relished the control, even though she was already feeling the temptation to just lean in and submit to suckling hours bliss from Laca's teat. Bobbin initially grinned, proud of how effortlessly she could control this livestock. "It's s-so hard for a poor dear like her to resist someone like me and my 'slutknockers'.

The lithe hob stopped when she came to the stall entrance, leaning over to peer inside. I need to..." Her mind scattered as a driblet of milk slipped down Laca's lip, only to be licked up.

Unlike the other stalls in this barn, this stall was blanketed with soft, bright green grass.

Use of this coping mechanism will continue as they grow into toddlers and find themselves exposed to new environments, activities and people on a daily basis.

So, for infants and toddlers, the answer is “Yes, it is good for them.”Preschool age We all know that as a child gets older, parens should discourage them from relying on a thumb or pacifier.Of course, in all her excitement to toy with the woman, she had sort of forgotten to see to her own needs. The interior of the Ambrosia Ranch barn was, as ever, tidy—Bobbin spent a lot of time here, after all, and house fey were naturally tidy creatures. She leaned over and fixed a fallen rake as she made her way toward the stall on the far side of the barn. They were just-so-slightly flushed, tastefully (and ineffectively) concealed behind a length of lacework. " Her fingers played over one of her nipples, causing it to trickle a tiny droplet of holstaur milk. She took a deep breath—thoughtlessly breathing in the sweet, slightly spicy aroma of the milk—and tried to steady herself. Master would no doubt appreciate her doing the work for him. I actually came because I had something I wanted to talk to you about, Laca. Bobbin trailed off as Laca slowly started to suck the finger clean. A large silver cowbell hung around her neck, nestled in the very edges of her cleavage. Unlike Bobbin, the Ranch's human master always had so much trouble resisting Laca's unique charms, and the milk had such an effect on him. Jill's been acting oddly." "Oh." Laca started pinching her nipples, giving a soft wispy moan. " "She's..." Bobbin carefully kept her gaze trained on Laca's big, brown eyes. She watched as the holstaur savored her own milk, feeling a growing familiar need building in her. That was always the first sign that she would soon have her lips locked firmly onto one of Laca's nipples, suckling like a desert wanderer who'd just reached an oasis. The habit has also shown to cause changes to the roof of the mouth and its shape. If he or she is merely resting their thumbs passively in their mouths, this will have less of an effect as those who suck actively or vigorously.