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Dorrit was so happy there that by the end of our stay, she was greeting other guests at the door as though she was the maître d’.

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Everywhere she went locals and tourists alike petted her and complimented her. ” rang out from the balcony of a nearby hotel that overlooked the beach.

After dinner, we headed down to the beach for a dusk-time walk. We turned to find the stag party’s leopard-print toga-wearer overjoyed at spotting our pup, screaming her name as though she was Justin Bieber. Getting there Flybe ( flies from London Gatwick to Newquay in an hour and 10 minutes, from £60 return.

One of the biggest adjustments, though, has been on holidays.

The stamps in my passport have stopped accumulating. Unless you can bear to put your pooch in kennels (I can’t), a dog is an anchor, mooring you to Britain and its surrounds. And if you overlook the way a canine chaperone reins in alcoholic excesses, they are superior holiday companions.

Enthusiastic, the first to the beach, always popular, and a magnet for groupies.

They are overjoyed just to be outside, which makes you overjoyed to be outside.There’s a rare happiness that comes from making another creature tail-waggingly, bottom-wrigglingly mad with excitement. We stayed at The Headland Hotel, a Victorian red-brick converted mansion.As a dog-owner, the first question you ask of a hotel or B&B is: “What’s your policy on pets?We initially hand-fed a slice to her, and then she wolfed down the rest.The human-targeted pizzas were equally well-received. It wasn’t only at the hotel where Dorrit was treated like a star.Getting a dog entails a series of small sacrifices.