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) [Bangs his head twice against wall]Mark: Listen, Jeremy, you don't seem to understand.

Maybe somewhere you can earn a living sitting around, drinking margaritas through a curly plastic straw, but in this world, you've got to turn up, log on and grind out.

A proper girlfriend reading a best-seller about child-abuse.

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I'm definitely king of the hippie jungle.)Mark: Look, Jez, what I'm trying to say is, for better or worse, the sixties happened and now sex is fine.My mate and your woman have just gone off to fuck each other.Go and make a tent in the living room and eat Dairylea?Listen I'm just going to go over to my stupid friend and grrr, give her a good shake, but if you ever want to call me about anything then I'm in the book, Mark Corrigan (Too formal, lighten things up [winks at her].because he's a crackhead and he does that sort of thing all the time.

Oh Jesus, it's too much, I'm going to blow my beans![Holds up a tissue box] People are going to think we spend the whole time wanking.This is the sort of thing people do when they're having a good time.)Jez: What I mean is that they should be more honest.Jez: He's not a mature student, he's been a loan manager for the last five years.Light, not slimey, ohhh can't retract the wink...unless...[winks a few times]) See you (Brilliant - the twitching freak, works every time)Mark: It was good to see you in Gino's.In the search for a potential date, more and more people are switching to less traditional methods.