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But, at 55, Guy Roxburghe is now facing his toughest fight of all - he has been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus.The self-effacing Duke remains outwardly his usual debonair self, running the estate at Kelso, which includes a hotel and championship golf course, 55 farms, two grouse moors, salmon fishing on the Tweed and a racing stud.test pattern is a system that converts any type of data (text, sounds, photos and movies) into barcode patterns and binary patterns of 0s and 1s.

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Comprising of visual patterns converted and generated from sound waveforms in real–time, the installation is made up of eight computer monitors and sixteen loudspeakers aligned on the floor in a dark space.

The eight rectangular surfaces of the screens flicker intensely with black and white images.

But friends and family know he is putting a brave face on things.

He is having treatment in London, which I am told he is undergoing with 'good humour and a positive outlook'.

As custodian of one of Scotland's grandest sporting estates and a title he inherited at 19, the Duke of Roxburghe has worked hard to secure the future of fabulous Floors Castle and its surrounding 60,000 acres.

He has also fought off attempts by the urban-dominated Scottish Parliament to destroy many countryside traditions.The velocity of the moving images is ultra–fast, some hundreds of frames per second, so that the work provides a performance test for the audio and visual devices, as well as a response test for the audience's perceptions.test pattern [n˚2] presents flickering black and white imagery that floats and convulses in darkness on two screens, one on the floor and another floor to ceiling, in time with a stark, powerful and highly synchronised soundtrack.She then moved into sports management and signed a £6 million sponsorship deal in Qatar.But disaster struck in the Gulf, where she organised the Oryx Quest sailing event.'I had to shut the door on sailing and open a completely new one,' she adds.