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If i had you in front of me now i'd sit you on a chair naked...a little strip and then sit across you grinding my pussy on your cock....i'd pull your head in between my breasts and let you maul them...are tingling as you touch them...i'd ride you until im screaming out for you not to stop fucking me and as you suck my tits i cum hard on your cock. I wouldn't mind being in the back seat of a car with you David...i'm just imagining the scene and its turning me on....i want to feel your body up against mine and hear your voice telling me what you're going to do to me... Hi Lou Lou.sorry for the delayed responses,just been busy lately with a bunch of things. the conversion i think is 0.63 pound equals 1.00 dollar.i did witness a couple going at it in a public park before,after hearing them we went looking to investigate.i thought it was they didnt stop when they seen people seeing them either. you'll have to tell me about that time please. I really liked the message you sent me..first time i read it i got so turned on...i was thinking of you doing that to me for real..only! Petrol in the states is so cheap,unlike here,petrol and the general cost of living is high. Back in high school i had sex in a backseat a few had nowhere else to go the car was it was fun and more of a had sex outside in a field,but never been caught or even seen by others.gasoline here is 2.89 USD a gallon,at one time it was up to almost 5 dollars! I assume you've done something like this before?

I see what you're talking about,but i didn't sign up. Failing that we'll just have to carry on chatting here.....

I noticed at the top of this site there is an icon for chat ..curiosity i just had a look at it and its very simple to follow try and log onto it and let me know how you get on....

My weekend was fun the weather was nice and it was my sisters birthday so we had a little party for that was about it,nothing much else. I'd like to ask you more things but i don't know how you'd feel about that..may think i'm prying too much? I'm keeping well thank you,have been very busy at work myself..glad its nearly Friday!

I really like to hear from you Lou Lou so we can chat about anything else you wanted. I like you David so i won't be trading you in...and i enjoy exchanging messages with you.

As I finished nibbling on Cassie’s right nipple I could see she was feeling really good.

She was gently rocking her hips up and down ever so slightly to meet the thrusts of an imaginary lover.

Animal Sex Stories-Cassie’s New Desires, Wife second time with her new lover The slim silver vibrator hummed and buzzed as I circled the areola on Cassie’s left breast.

Moving in a slow circle spiraling in from the outer edge I worked my way to the center to tease her hard little nipple with the vibrating tip.

The faint hint of a smile graced her lips while her eyes remained closed enjoying the sensations of my attentions to her nipples. Not too hard.” She scolded playfully as she smiled and brought her right hand down to caress my cheek.

I pulled the vibrator away and ran my tongue in a slow, wet circle around her nipple then drew it into my mouth lightly biting her hard nipple between my teeth. “You’re getting me really excited” she said craning her neck to give me a seductive glance.

I would never believe i could see and read a chat like david and lou lou`s on a site like this.. Hope everyhing went well for both of you.i have a feeling that you actually met with each other live:) Hi Lou Lou.