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But the message then reappeared on another Craigslist internet site and so did the search link.

It took several months of repeated complaints to get the internet postings completely scrubbed.

This group includes entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals from retail, manufacturing, health and wellness, construction, retail and not-for-profit organizations - just to name a few.

Business women who would like to build relationships, should get networking with the Comox Valley Women’s Business Network!

We offer guest speakers on business and women related topics and provide opportunities for our members to market their businesses.

We have a growing membership with a wonderful and varied skill set, assortment of talents, and valuable wisdom which allows for the sharing of referrals and expertise.Asked what people can do about the misuse of their online identity beyond being vigilant, Campbell is blunt. The law, as it stands, makes criminal prosecution unlikely in cases where someone suffers harm to their reputation online, Campbell said.“Honestly, I’m fed up and I’m tired,” Campbell said.When he went to the police about the fake criminal claims, he said he was told it was a civil matter.“You’d better have money to spend to sue these people,” Campbell said. “They wanted you to sign up for a membership,” Campbell noted.