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The glossary that you see here is the result of the tremendous effort put forth by these IAB member companies and their representatives.

More than 200 terms were first identified for definition in September 2015.

We also refer to HLS and recommend using these files to create the adaptive bitrate file fragments.

The ability to target a message to a device, browser, segment, and/or individual.Those segments could be matched or modeled by behavioral, demographic, and geographic factors from 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party data sets.Generally refers to video creative that prioritizes entertainment over advertising and typically has a duration greater than 60 seconds.A video ad or an ad linked with video content that initiates ‘‘play’’ without user interaction or without an explicit action to start the video (essentially automatically starting without a ‘‘play’’ button being clicked by the user).Played before, during or after the streaming video content that the consumer has requested (Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll).

These ads cannot typically be stopped from being played (particularly with pre-roll).

Since then, members have collectively refined that list of terms and submitted definitions for peer review and comment.

The final list represents a truly collaborative effort that was made possible by a unified desire for clarity and consistency in video terminology by buyers and sellers alike.

Video ad creative customized in advance and/or able to transform itself upon delivery to target relevant audience segments.

Customization may include delivering a specific combination of ad content such as the copy, the background images, and the size and color of the call-to-action button.

The fee for such access is covered as part of their subscription to the service, via an MVPD.