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While we have and will continue to make significant progress to facilitate access for our residents, lack of access due to unaffordability of broadband, equipment and lack of the requisite skills plague many of our low income residents despite where in the city limits they reside. --Sly James Kansas City Mayor EDITOR: The allegations against Roy Moore, the Republican senate candidate from Alabama, are every man's nightmare. The media, the senate, his supporters and detractors, need to be looking at the last 35 years of his life. He stood against allowing same sex marriage and again was removed from office for his stand.The federal government should take a similar view of our nation as one community and enact and stand behind policies that benefit the nation as a whole. His first and only wife, Kayla, is 14 years younger than he. He stood against removing the Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Supreme Court building. He is founder and former president of The Foundation for Moral Law. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." I'm certain that 90% of all men could be accused of the same things as Moore.

The current environment of Hollywood has thrown open the door of accusations, patterns, and consistency of unwanted sexual advances.

Compare that to Moore's life over the last 35 years and examine his moral character.

The liberal arm of the Republican senate was worried about Moore long before these women came forward.

Mc Connell, Mc Cain, Murkowski, Flake, all knew he would expose the corruption in government and in themselves. Their agenda is much more cynical, more perverse, darker.

Many of these processes are now only available online, unless the user is willing and able to travel or pay additional fees.

Kansas City's students and schools could face even greater hurdles, no longer having access to the full world wide web, but rather a selection of sites made available by the ISPs, depriving them of a 21st century education.

Equal access ensures that all consumers, regardless of income, zip code, and perspective, can access any website or that all websites, regardless of content, size, and profit margin, are accessible to consumers.

Repealing net neutrality means that ISPs will become the gatekeepers of online content, enabling them to control Internet speeds, restrict bandwidth, and create paywalls.

Without access to affordable Internet services, many Kansas Citians could be excluded from the digital economy, which is becoming a larger and larger chunk of the economy at large, and deprived of the opportunity to be a part of their community. And in this community we place a high value on equity.

When we passed our Digital Equity Plan this year, we did so to ensure that our residents have equal access to broadband Internet and the digital economy.

ISPs would have the ability to, in effect, censor content based on their business interests.