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me too received the same email, these all are fraud, they will demand from u ur documents then they will show that they are working to on your documents and they want u to join this job. So my dear, I will only advise you to go ahead and make the payment for your authorization letter, hence is the immigration requirement and immediately you receive the authorization letter from them try to send us a copy of it for documentation.

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please contact me if there is a fraud allegations with this issue.

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i am surprised, how come this email suddenly reached my inbox to bcc: me The Management Of Marriott Hotels Canada Need New Workers Which Careers Suites Into Different Work Categories.

Our Hotel Will Be Responsible For The Payment Of His/Her Air Ticket And Accomodation. V Via This Email Address ( [email protected]).

I mean for you to have your residential and working papers and every other documents in hand.

BELLOW IS OUR NEW WORKERS I have an email i have been told to wait they used for the proceess they used [email protected] Mr.

[email protected] make sure that you fill all the information's complete before you send it to them to avoid disqualification. After we receive and verify your information our Hotel will send you form to fill and you will send it to Immigration Bureau Ottawa Canada office with e-mail address of Immigration Bureau Ottawa Canada that you will see in the Form.

Do not hesitate to contact us back immediately you receive any message from them Good luck. MARCH 22, 2012 We are happy to receive your aspiration to work with our hotel and we hope that you understand all our previous emails to you. The form will be for your visa processing, and as for your Vacation, Accommodation and Food please be advice that all these are Hotel responsibilities; they will surely be taking care by the Hotel management.

Then you will cry forever that what they did with you : D This is a spam mail. I also received an email from Marriott Hotel Canada. Message: NEW YEAR OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE AND WORK IN OUR HOTEL HERE IN CANADA, WE PAY FOR YOUR TICKET AND ACCOMMODATION, INTERESTED TO WORK, COPY THIS EMAIL ADDRESS IMMEDIATELY AND SEND YOUR C. HERE [email protected] MORE INFORMATION BECAUSE WE WILL SOON DELETE IT HERE TO AVOID RUSH. from fazal rehman pakistan thanx friend for your idea to work in canada, if thas true, how i can go there, i need work because im not in work just now, please help me, and this my name in Mohsin butt fro pakistan my email id