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Which data is in conflict with LR of both 1879/80 & 1880/81, which inform us that the vessel had been renamed Flicit & that F. Y The vessel is Lloyd's Register ('LR') listed from 1869/70 thru 1871/72, owned by W.

The Mercantile Navy List of 1875 lists John Moses of Newport as her then owner or managing owner, as does the equivalent list of 1880. 8, 1871, per line 2152 here, the 342 ton barque left Sunderland for Ancona, E.

Blampied remained her captain, per LR, thru 1888/89.

It would seem that the intended destination was truly Antonina, at the end of the bay which has Paranagua at its mouth. Bill invites your assistance if you can translate Portuguese! This listing was made possible thanks to Niels Hald-Andersen of Denmark, who advises that the vessel was initially owned by U.

of So Francisco & SW of Rio de Janeiro), while en route from Lisbon, Portugal to Paranagua (Paranagu), with a cargo of salt. Bill Swift notes that an account of the vessel's wreck, written by David Jones, her captain, is held by the Australian National Maritime Museum, but has not get been digitised.

Vincent while en route from the Tyne to Alexandria. Vincent (southern Portugal), while en route from Newcastle to Alexandria, Egypt, with a cargo of coal. Efforts to save the vessel continued throughout all of the next day & on the morning of Nov. Can anybody clarify the differing dates & tell us more about the circumstances of the vessel's loss.

26, 1872, per line 2870 here the vessel is stated to have stranded near Cape St. Soon the vessel lay on her beam ends with her engines fires out.

Italy) for service from Sunderland to the Mediterranean.

Galotola, of Procida (Flegrean Islands off the coast of Naples, S. It was initially owned, thru 1873/74, by Hill & Co. Per LR, Banner owned the vessel thru 1879/80 with W. Water entered the ship faster than it could be pumped out. 13, 1870, of a steamer to be used as a tug-boat at Seaham Harbour. The vessel was under the command Charles Ellis & had a crew of 28 all told. 27, 1879 in increasing winds & a heavy sea the vessel developed a small list. that day, a heavy sea broke over the vessel, causing much structural damage & in particular destroying the 14 ft. Water poured into the engine room & two seamen were seriously injured trying, unsuccessfully, to stop up the hole. Y So far as I can see, the vessel was not Lloyd's Register listed. However the Mercantile Navy List of 1880 states that the vessel, then a brigantine, was owned by 'The Fleetwood Shipping Co. Both vessels were damaged & both were assisted into Ramsgate. It may also have been listed in the 1873/74 supplement where a key page in the WWW available volume is illegible. Henderson of Newcastle, which owner name, per the Mercantile Navy Lists ('MNL') of 1872, 1875, 1876, 1879 & 1880 means Thos. Now LR editions from 1876/77 rather list the vessel's owner as Middle Dock Co. It seems likely that 'Henderson' & 'Middle' were related parties. Of interest, in early 1872 the vessel carried to Calcutta (now Kolkata), India, on its deck, a complete 5 ton steam launch built at Poplar, London, for the Maharajah of Vizianagram. An Inquiry was held into the stranding & the master was held to be guilty of negligent navigation & of deceiving the court in his evidence. It was later driven ashore in a major storm on Jan. ) that on the night of Jan 23, 1875, the vessel was in collision with Joshua & Mary, also built at Sunderland, during an enormous gale which swept the country. The vessel would seem to have been Lloyd's Register ('LR') listed from 1873/74 thru 1879/80. 22, 1871, per line 1777 here, the 665 gross ton steamship collided with another vessel. Nazaire, France, to Cardiff, sank off Ushant (a small rocky island in the English Channel off the coast of Brittany, near Brest, France). Agnes Jack was a 574 gross ton steamer built at Liverpool in 1865. Strachan, a 780 gross ton Newcastle steamer, off Scarborough, Yorkshire.