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King (キング, Kingu) is the S-Class Rank 7 professional hero for the Hero Association. In public, King is known as the "The Strongest Man on Earth" (地上最強の男, Chijō saikyō no otoko). He is shown to be an avid member in gaming and told the Hero Association that he was taking out a "monster", which in reality was really his video game.

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For instance, King was capable of effortlessly defeating Saitama in a fighting game despite being low on health and using only two fingers.

Superior Luck: King had ridiculous amounts of Luck, this was shown when he is able to thoroughly fool the media and the Hero association all this time, and he made many enemies back-off in fear when facing him.

His notorious features are three vertical scars straight over his left eye, with sunken cheeks and a defined jawline. He is well respected among the public and other heroes, including ones who are higher in rank like Tatsumaki.

Despite the intimidating personality King projects, he is actually a coward and an otaku who gets very excited about buying a dating sim game.

Since gaining the title as the world's strongest man, King has become very good at bluffing and tricking his opponents, causing them to hesitate or even downright surrender.

When assassins attempted to take his life, King was able to use clever intimidation and wise explanations to make the assassins back down and leave him in peace.

He always managed to get away from many dangerous or stressful situations that may potentially cost his life or popularity.

King's rating determined by the Hero Association 1.

King is highly skilled in bluffing, which makes his opponents think he is formidable, sometimes even rendering them unable to perform techniques against him.

He was able to convince Atomic Samurai, a high level S-Class hero, to back down from a fight, by using a made-up, yet highly believable alibi.

However, this is due to miscommunication and mistaken identity, as King's intimidating appearance and presence near defeated Mysterious Beings gave the Hero Association the false impression that he was strong.