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Lucrecia's best friend is Julián Huerta (Eugenio Siller); they both share the same likes and eventually, as the years pass, come to also share a great love.

In San Pedro, the townspeople talk of the arrival of an outsider who has bought Los Alamos.

Lucrecia discovers that this outsider is none other than Julián Huerta, who is now engaged to his ex-girlfriend, Lorena Mendizábal (Altair Jarabo).

Although their parents are in opposition, Julián and Lucrecia are prepared to fight for their love, and they count on the support of Delfina, her husband Modesto, and Manuel, who in spite of his love for Lucrecia helps her to be happy with Julián.

Lucrecia does not return to San Pedro alone, but accompanied by her cousin, Renata (Jessica Coch), an envious girl who is prepared to seize everything that is Lucrecia's.

Rosario has always shown preference for her son and openly rejects her daughter.

Rosario's servant, Delfina (Magda Karina), essentially raises Lucrecia alongside her own son, Manuel, and they become like siblings.

As a result of his infamy, Julián is tormented by the denizens of San Pedro, who nickname him El Chamuco (Mexican slang for "the Devil"), the pain of which he must carry for the rest of his life.

Years later, Julián and Lucrecia come across one another, when Lucrecia returns from school, and their love flourishes once more.

Maite Perroni and Eugenio Siller star as the young protagonists; Daniela Castro stars as both the adult protagonist and antagonist while Sabine Moussier, Jessica Coch, Altaír Jarabo and Armando Araiza star as the main antagonists.

Paulino Córdoba (Roberto Blandón), Gabino Roura (Sergio Goyri), Rodolfo Huerta (Francisco Gattorno), and Matías Quiroga (Salvador Sánchez) have been friends since their childhood.

At his funeral, Lucrecia faints and discovers that she is pregnant but does not know who the father is.