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These are the true giants of North America s wolf subspecies.First, they kind of people they are referring to are the ones that stand around in the mall all day.Commenter: Nathan Helm It is absolutely disingenuous to represent Idaho s hunters as you chose to do so in this video..

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Farmers and ranchers need to be much better husbandry-ites of their livestock and not just turn them loose with no oversight and expect a 100% increase.Why take the joy and fun and self-fulfillment out of life.The most alarming of which is the FACT of these Wolves being infested with and spreading Hydatid disease.The Wolves, Grizzlies, Elk were all plains animals and we took their grounds and built our world in their space and survived by using them for our food source and if our great grandparents didnt do it we would not be here today.And it all started with the releasing of several entirely different subspecies of wolves than what was native to the Northern Rockies.

Also , I understand they are more than a nightmare for ranchers up north.

Commenter: Ginger & Fritz Bachem We firmly support federal protection of wolves until they reach the 2000 to 3000 population levels to insure genetic viability.

Half-truths, half-facts and unchecked power are the mantra of this well-intentioned but pathetic attempt at re-introduction of species.

Yes, reality is there someplace and it isn t a picture postcard of pristine ecosystems.

I would like to mention all of the folks who have worked hard to reverse years of pillage & plumage on this earth & its wildlife - they should not go unnamed or forgotten.

Commenter: Ron Kyllonen The wolves are at the top of the food chain and are necessary to keep the ecosystem in balance.