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I want to tell you what my fave track is but I actually can't choose. One is the huge cost and logistical challenge of transporting all the captured carbon dioxide and burying it. do you even pay attention to what’s going on in the rest of the world? green money can pay for the pensions too barnaby, we don't have to put things for sale on a boat barnaby, there have to be other ways we can try, why not try something new that might be safer and healthier and more sustainable, why not try?It would require a vast network of pipelines and storage sites.”doesn't seem very sustainable. continuing deep cycles of environmental, cultural and social abuse through NOT LEARNING A DAMN THING from history or the voices of people who have dedicated their lives to learning about such things, like scientists, for example.]BARNABY JOYCE: …of course there's going to be environmental controls on how you do it. ]-------------------This shit only gets worse when you look at the Wangan and Jagalingou Native Title / Land Use Agreement stuff surrounding this mine.I wanted so badly to go in to more details, hear more stories, but could only grasp at the basic bits the shitty phone reception allowed.

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He's probably really good at winning those contests; he's very tall.

So the album is named after this AFL thing because of the drawing he did of a contested mark that was used as the album art.

Sometimes I bop my body along, and sometimes I sway side to side, and sometimes I find myself slumping and staring blankly at the corner of the room, not even noticing the spiders. JEREMY FERNANDEZ: On the matter of the Adani coal railway: is the nation really in such desperate economic circumstances that taxpayers need to put a 0 million loan on the table for a foreign company to build a coal railway? “It works by forcing the exhaust from a coal-fired power plant through a liquid solvent that absorbs the carbon dioxide, heating the solvent to liberate the gas, then compressing it and sending it away for storage underground. Secondly, it allows others companies to come into that precinct and also develop coal mines.[Bruce Currie, farm man from QLD, went to India on an Adani fact finding mission: he found stories of environmental disregard at previous Adani run projects and sites. Fishing catch reduced by 90% in a place where Adani built a port, what use is a job building said port when it’s done and there is no more job and suddenly you can’t even catch fish to feed your family. And they're mining products and agricultural products, some services.

It's good music for this turn of the season to hot-hot-hot. Great in principle, but the technology faces big hurdles in practice. But if we start closing our eyes to that and start living in this naive world where you think, "Oh well, we just don't need to do that anymore," well, you'll pay for it because you just won't make the money to be able to pay for all the things that you think are your birthright, such as pensions.[Yes there are some communities and families and individuals in QLD who may benefit in the short term from this, the short term, maybe a generation if we’re very lucky will benefit from coal mines economically but what about when they empty, when the market grinds to a halt because all those forward thinking nations have hit their energy sustainability targets, the renewables are in mass use, and no one needs your dirty coal?

also, the thing that really concerns me is the thing that happens to get the coal out of the ground. But if you use this sort of blinkered mechanism to say, "Well, we're just not going to export product anymore, especially the one that everybody wants to buy: coal for India, so poor people can turn on lights like we have lights." I mean, surely we... These things will be covered and explained next week in Part 2.

JEREMY FERNANDEZ: India is aiming to buy less coal. ~~~Follow Tahlia on Patreon~~~ Cough are a very heavy band.If you are not familiar with his work, but are a fan of early Bill Callahan (smog), are interested in a postmodern take on the Australian Bush Ballad Tradition, and appreciate English language word-play, you should probably give this guy a shot.The name of the album is from the AFL (Australian Rules Football), where the ball is caught after two or more players all go for it at the same time.\m/~~~Do you reckon you could tell me a little bit about where you guys are from (Richmond, Virginia, USA)?---“Yeah, It’s a college town, art university- it’s not primarily an arts school but it’s one of the top ten arts schools in the country, underground scene for music, right off the highway, between Washington and north Carolina, gwar is from here.”~~~what kind of shitty jobs do musicians have to get in your town?It's a lonely existence, moving place to place, I mean, even with friends in every city and town.