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And about 1 out of every 3 to 8 teens have received them.

The studies focused mainly on pictures, not sexually suggestive comments, messages, or tweets.

And don't overlook the potential for legal consequences.

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Beyond that, questionable behavior online can haunt a college applicant or prospective employee years later.More and more colleges and employers check online profiles looking for indications of a candidate's suitability — or giant red flags about bad judgment and immaturity.Just as they might not consider how smoking now can lead to long-term health problems, they can be reluctant to curb their "share everything" tendencies now for the sake of their reputations later.One of the top responsibilities of parents is to teach their kids how to take responsibility for their own safety and their own actions.Teens' decision-making skills, judgment, and ideas about privacy are still being formed.

It can be hard for them to grasp the permanent consequences of their impulsive interactions.Teens should understand that messages, pictures, or videos sent via the Internet or smartphones are never truly private or anonymous.In seconds they can be out there for all of the world to see.Even if the image, video, or text was only meant for one person, once it's been sent or posted, it's out of your teen's control.It could be seen by lots of people, and it could be impossible to erase from the Internet, even after your teen thinks it has been deleted.It's important to send that message about the virtual world too.