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Though the scales may be tipped further in certain aspects we mostly all live under the same rules and regulations of being black in today’s world. I know what all you Ashleys are thinking right now, I played volleyball in high school and I went to law school I know about pressure…. Sorry I love watching women’s sports and I know that you are all very driven and competitive but its not the same.

When you first decide to play football as a kid one thing you’ll quickly realize is you’re not good enough.

Ashley has been chasing star linebacker Tyrone all over campus and finally after months of “chilling” they are “together”. She beat out all of Tyrone’s female fans and became the object of his affection, now they can build a relationship and she will never have to work again. Ashley now has to interact with a Football player on an everyday basis and not just on a sexual level, and Football Players are some of the craziest motherfuckers on the planet.So hopefully with a few tips and a look inside the scrambled brain of a player maybe I can help those Ashleys to better understand Tyrone and maybe if you listen to me you can have a decent outcome and not just be baby mama #2 *ADVISORY* Most of my information pertains to the species of black football player.Women are real thick now adays, I know she wont tell you but you’re girl that probably goes to the gym twice a week and walks to work probably weighs 155 lbs.Its not a good look when you’re 6 ft 9 and you weigh 185 lbs. The game of football is also extremely violent, and low key, Women love that shit.If that’s not going to happen, I would say be a good athlete, be sarcastic, confident and spontaneous, and buy them a drink! What’s your favorite date idea after you’ve been playing hockey all day?

Going out for a drink with the team — and your date! No matter how hard you work for something, or how much you deserve something, things may not always work out the way you planned.

What’s the best way to get over someone after a break-up?

Get together with friends/teammates and remind yourself how much fun you can have without your ex!

If they’re good, compliment their skills and see if they want to grab a drink.

If they’re not good, just ask them if they want to grab a drink. Hockey is a game played with a lot of heart and emotion — two things that relate very effectively to the commitment it takes to keep a strong bond between two people.

Romance to help wear off some built up aggression, and food to regain strength. What’s the best way to get over someone after a break-up?