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Let's just take the Windows version as a try, when the Mac version works in a similar way.

Use a USB cable to connect your i Pod to the computer.This software will scan your i Pod soon and show it in the primary window. How to sync i Pod files to i Tunes By clicking Media, you can sync music, movies, podcast, i Tunes U, audiobook and music video to your i Tunes.Select the file or folder, it will be transfered to your i Pod easily and fastly.Upgrade i Tunes to the newest one The first thing you can do when i Pod won't sync to i Tunes is to check the i Tunes version on your computer.For example, I have a couple of concerts from NPR on my i Pod that I keep, but my other daily/weekly podcasts delete after they have been listened too.

I expect the reason you are seeing the difference between i Tunes and the i Pod is the way you are currently mixing the two methods.If there's a newer version available, you ought to upgrade i Tunes to the newest one. If you have ever authorized the computer, you can first deauthorize this computer and authorize for a second time.Change a USB cable Check the i Pod USB cable by plugging it off and plug it in the computer again. When you checked the first two methods, but ipod will not sync with i Tunes, you can try this method. Take the following steps to synchronize your podcasts across all of your Apple devices. Apple makes it possible for you to sync your podcasts completely between different devices, including podcast subscriptions, stations, and even playback positions.Compared to i Tunes, it is a easier way to manage your i OS files using - Transfer (i OS), you can transfer the files between i OS devices and computer without i Tunes restrictions.