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If you haven’t done that yet, I think it’s worth a short investment of time (I’m talking about one to two weeks, not months) to give him some really clear, blunt coaching and see if it makes a difference.If you don’t see a significant improvement after that, then yeah, it’s time to let him go — and do him the favor of explaining that it’s because he’s not following directions, so that he’s clear on how big of a deal that is in the future.But he has not done a single assigned task correctly, and no one wants to work with him because his lack of knowledge and common sense makes even the smallest things difficult.

How do I get over the guilt and do what needs to be done?I think it would help to separate this out into two different buckets of problems: (1) his unusual lack of knowledge about basic life stuff, and weird social skills and (2) the fact that he hasn’t done any of his assigned work correctly, and his inability so far to take direction about that.That said, have you handled the situation the same way you would handle poor performance from someone who you were more comfortable with?Specifically, have you given him clear feedback on his work, explained where he’s falling short, and made it clear that these are serious issues that, if not fixed, will prevent him from finishing the internship?(For example, continuing to distribute things off the printer after he’s been told not to do it several times is alarming — or at least it’s alarming if those requests were direct ones, not hints.) If #2 weren’t present — if he were following instructions and doing his work more or less correctly — I bet that #1 wouldn’t bother you as much.

I mean, that level of missing knowledge would still be a very notable thing, but I suspect it would read more like a weird quirk.

Every year the company I work for hires some college students for a three-month internship over the summer.

It’s been one month and one of the interns is just not working out.

He didn’t know about: any of the issues with the current president, that there is conflict in the middle east or Somalia, or even that America fought in World War 2.

He had no idea who Abraham Lincoln is, didn’t know about the existence of software that reads things to visually impaired, or that electric cars exist or that it is illegal to drive without a license.

He was surprised to find out Starbucks served more than one beverage.