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If a thief wrote bad checks in 20 different jurisdictions, you may be dealing with this for .The thief can keep writing checks on your account even after you’ve started reporting them as fraud, and even after you’ve closed the account.

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Money is typically not the topic of discussion for a group of twenty-somethings wanting to have fun with their lives.

But that’s only because today’s finance applications make it difficult and boring. We want people to effortlessly understand their finances.

here are a lot of free online budget tools available to help you manage your money.

As you know from previous posts, spending less than you make is the most important habit to develop if you’re seeking some degree of financial freedom.Then compare your spending with similar people so you know where to improve.Create budgets to stay on track and use our forecasting tools to avoid any financial surprises.During this year’s Christmas shopping season, I made some large in-person transactions at the same time as my wife made an online transaction, and my credit card was suspended by the issuing bank for potential fraudulent activity.This happens relatively often, whenever someone’s spending patterns are flagged by the neural-network based automated fraud detection used by all the major credit card issuers.If you don’t have investments to track, however, I’d recommend Mint, which is discussed next.