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Arden is also the recipient of 10 SOCAN Awards, 4 Western Canadian Music Awards, a Much Music Video Award, 3 Prairie Music Awards and an Alberta Recording Industry Association Award.Jann is the proud recipient of a star on Canada's Walk of Fame; she has been inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, has been given the Vantage Women of Originality Award.She has written three books - , both of which were met with favourable reviews.

In 2012 she was awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal and in 2013 was inducted into the Western Canadian Music Alliance Hall of Fame.In addition to being a singer/songwriter, Arden is an author of note.Jann Arden grew up near Calgary in the rural community of Springbank and split her childhood pursuits between ice hockey and music; she played right wing, guitar and trumpet, and her musical influences included The Carpenters, John Denver and ABBA.After cutting her debut single, “Never Love a Sailor,” under the name Jann Richards at age 17, she spent her 20s fronting various bands, singing torch songs in piano bars and busking on the streets of Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.You know, when I was choosing topics for this weekend, it was really not my intention to have all three topics for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday be Canadian themed. Truth be told, I am very proud of my Canadian heritage.

I'd love to say that I want to visit many countries in the world, but I can't see myself living anywhere else other than Canada.Jann Arden is a multiple Juno Award-winning singer and songwriter.Her melancholy yet hopeful adult contemporary pop songs, distinguished by her expressive vocal delivery and introspective lyrics, earned Arden an international following in the 1990s and 2000s. A lot of people treat them to something new during holiday season and will go out and add to their collection; I know that I do. People have been talking to me about this the last ten years and previous to that. I think she’s on the Christmas record somewhere, too. There’s about a million people who read the ones I write about my parents; aging and dying and the challenges of Alzheimer’s. I’ve been writing about my parents the last couple years and it’s been very surprising how many people read it. Is the foil, nay, counterpoint to Rick Mercer, and as lovable as...well, as one's best, best friend. That was not going to happen for me in the first ten years. My mom wanted to hear something, my manager Bruce; there were a couple things he wanted to hear. I love playing the music and it’s so nice the record has some legs and we are still playing the songs. I’ve been basically writing about my journey through the abyss of the dementia and Alzheimer’s and all that stuff the past two years. A: What finally got him which is so ironic was pneumonia. He was this guy who used to say when I was a kid, “I won’t make it to fifty. I’ve got loads of wood and going to do some baking - got tons of friends coming and going. It will be a lot of people dropping in and coming and going. He had everything up and decorated and a little bit early before Remembrance Day and he said don’t tell anyone and don’t post a damn picture. There were garlands and wreaths on the door – it was like a Christmas miracle!