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Even if I was able to be employed in Mexico the benefits I receive in my current job are not typical of employment practices in similar occupations in Mexico.

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Brilliant, beautiful, insightful, and possibly one of the best websites on the Internet ...this homage and shrine to all things Marilyn Monroe and all things Hollywood by one of the Internet's finest graphics artists is a delight to the senses, the heart, and to the mind. With such a drastic reduction in income and no health insurance we would be unable to provide our children with adequate health care therefore greatly increasing health risks within the family.Depression-I have suffered from moderate depressionī‚§ in the past and controlled this condition with anti-depressants called Celexa for 2 years.The limited Spanish she speaks would not be sufficient to be successful in any scholastic endeavor outside of the U. ***xx (our 4 year old) is in a pre-kindergarten class at a local Christian school where he is thriving and has become accustomed to the routine.

He is in his second year with this school and any deviation in his school or surroundings could be socially detrimental to him.

With this intervention she has improved her grades and is now working at her current grade level.

Without the extra assistance (if we were forced to live in Mexico to keep our family together) her education would suffer greatly and she may not be able to graduate from high school.

There may no longer be a need for space satellite advertizing in space, as patented in March 2004 by Alexander Lavrynov, a spacecraft designer, as Spaxel technology will be able to accomplish the same thing in our own terrestrial night skies, only much more cheaply and in a more spectacular manner This website remains archived as a resource for Islamic endtime prophecies, especially those concerning the Sufyaani, the Dajjal, the Mahdi, and the Messiah.

The author has recently contacted me and conveyed his hopes to resume updating the website either at the link above or at another location.

THERE has been a recent development that pretty much demonstrates that the technology now exists for the following "far future" series of dream visions to be realized.