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Kate is depressed that most women she knew are married and she isn't and the guys throw a fake marriage ceremony to cheer her up.

Drew fires Suzie, an inept employee, only to find out she was Mr. Kate proposes her idea for a day spa to an impressed Mr.Bell, who wants to meet with her and Drew at the Warsaw to discuss it.Later, when Earl does show up at Drew's house, he is nabbed by Chuck, the store security guard. Bell promises Drew a promotion in exchange for training his nephew Blaine, who turns out to be a lazy, nepotistic pest.Kate mistakenly sells an expensive perfume for much less than it's worth and turns to Drew for help.When Kate returns after her breakup, she is furious at Jay for taking her place in the gang but surprisingly the pair begins dating.

This episode introduces Jay Clemens (Robert Torti)Drew's dad introduces Drew, Lewis and Oswald to his club "The Wildebeests", hoping it will help Drew make contacts and land a better job.However, they all leave when they discover that many of the club members are bigots and later Drew tells off his dad for being over-expectant of him.Winfred-Louder employees decide to go on strike a few weeks before Christmas.The following is a complete list of episodes for the television show sitcom The Drew Carey Show, which first aired on ABC on September 13, 1995.Throughout the show's run, nine seasons were filmed amassing 233 episodes, with the final episode airing on September 8, 2004.This season introduces Drew Carey as Assistant Director of Personnel at Winfred-Louder. Bell (Kevin Pollak), who has an obnoxious assistant, Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney), who often clashes with Drew.