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In this game, the group will race to find symbols cards. Once they have found all of the symbols, they can use the printable decoder to real a secret message! Three unique scavenger hunts that you can do after dark with your family and friends!

Since the place for the group to write their answers is black, consider providing a fun neon gel pen to write in the answers! Grab some glow sticks, print these awesome (and free!

You will want to include any of the printables and/or supplies needed for that game.

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For Halloween, a fun bag for trick or treating, their Halloween costume or traditional Halloween treats would work perfectly! When your family is ready to play, give them the first clue. Then, families must work together to complete the task before they can move on to the next clue. Start by adding these colorful bag covers to a total of five lunch bags.I used white lunch bags, but the traditional brown ones will totally work with the fall-theme as well!If you’re playing with adults, you can cut intricate and complex pieces for a greater challenge!

In this scavenger hunt, your group searches for cards with individual letters. Once the group has found all of the letters, they should unscramble them to reveal a message. If the task is too tricky for your group, the PDF includes a “cheat sheet” with hang-man style blanks for the group to use as well as some verbal clues you can give if your group is struggling.

Take the five location clue cards and add one to the bottom of each bag.

The only clue that will not be placed on a bag is the first note that explains the game and offers the first clue.

To celebrate no-more-school-nights, we have a fun activity that is perfect for a group date night or for the entire family to enjoy: an After-Dark Scavenger Hunt!

With our free printables, the set up is quick-to-prep (like, just print and cut), but will provide hours of fun!

When they find the clue bag – have them open the clue bag to reveal the activity.