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This camera looks over the sledging park from the Plateau Cafe situated about a 7 minute walk from the top of the Access Chair. The Coire Pollach Run can be seen to lookers left of the Tow.

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February: Scottish Power announced a 7.8% price hike on its variable (also known as standard) tariff, which will affect 1.1 million of its customers from 31 March 2017.Scottish Power blamed 'rises in energy wholesale markets and compulsory non-energy costs', adding that this included costs for decarbonising electricity generation and installing smart meters.(Survey: October 2016, responses of 844 Scottish Power customers.) Find out how Scottish Power compares with other energy companies – click to see the full results of the best and worst energy companies.Scottish Power’s customer score is among the lowest in our survey.One customer told us that it’s ‘the same as the other energy companies – far too expensive’. Its standard tariff was often the priciest of the Bix Six energy suppliers over the past year.

Other customers felt Scottish Power hadn’t helped them to save energy.

In our survey, people’s views on Scottish Power’s complaint handling were mixed.

Some found staff ‘polite and helpful’, but others told us about long waits to get problems sorted.

This is enough energy to power Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh combined, according to the company. Scottish Power comes 21st in our survey of 23 British energy companies’s customers, as rated by 8,917 members of the public in the annual Which? The table below shows the breakdown of its score from our latest survey.

Is Scottish Power cheaper than your current energy deal? Scottish Power’s customer score is among the lowest in our survey, but scroll down to find out how it fares on complaints handling, and what customers think of its prices.

But in our snapshot investigation into how long energy companies keep customers waiting to contact them, Scottish Power was the fastest of the Big Six to pick up the phone for the second year running.