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CARRIE -- standing on her bed placing it next to her TWO other books: "Sex and The City" and "Menhattan" A framed photo of four girls (circa 1999) is also on the shelf.

O.) (CONT'D) We still are those four single girls...

SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE Written by Michael Patrick King FADE IN: A1 EXT.

5TH AVENUE -- NEW YORK CITY -- DAY -- SUMMER A1 Glistening city buildings reflect onto the WINDOW of an upscale clothing boutique. CARRIE'S APARTMENT/CLOSET -- NIGHT -- SUMMER 2 Carrie on step ladder, barefoot.

UPPER FIFTH -- DAY -- SUMMER 7 CARRIE in a sexy, summer dress, spots someone -- waves -- CARRIE (V. As STEVE approaches with Popsicles, they squirt him with the hose.

She hurries across the street to meet that SOMEONE... MIRANDA'S BROOKLYN HOUSE/BACKYARD -- DAY -- SUMMER 8 MIRANDA (41) and BRADY (5) are filling an inflatable pool with water from a hose.

UPPER FIFTH AVE -- SAME -- SUMMER 11 Carrie walks over and into the arms of that SOMEONE -- it's MR.

They turn and start into the classic apartment building.

STREET -- DAY -- SPRING 4 CARRIE and preppy perfect CHARLOTTE walk along, talking.

JUMP CUT TO: Carrie, Charlotte and MIRANDA walk along talking. O.) Year after year, my single girlfriends were my salvation.

JUMP CUT TO: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and SAMANTHA walk along; LAUGHING -- their shopping bags and designer purses swinging. CARRIE'S APARTMENT -- NIGHT -- WINTER 5 The front of Carrie's building. CLOSE ON the computer screen -- Written on it: "Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha..." CARRIE (V. CARRIE'S APARTMENT -- DAY -- SPRING 6 CLOSE ON: A colorful CHICK LIT book cover: "A Single Life" by Carrie Bradshaw.