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As recently as 2015, Öræfajökull experienced a similar uptick of seismicity.However, repeated swarms like this might suggest that magma is continuing to fill the magmatic system under the ice caps.

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An earthquake swarm at Katla or Hekla causes all sorts of media alarms to go off, which is surprising considering the last three eruptions in Iceland came from Barðarbunga (well, the Holuhraun field, in 2014-15), Grímsvötn (in 2011) and Eyjafjallajökull (in 2010).There is plenty of volcanic unrest in Iceland to spread around in this geologically unique landscape.Apparently my Icelandic friend was annoyed about some guy she had slept with and wanted to sleep with again but hadn’t heard from, then some guy walked past us and she pointed out and said: “That’s him!”Now, I don’t remember this particular incident, probably because it’s just one of those normal things that happen and I do talk about my sex life (or lack of!Rocky Planet covers all the geologic events that made and will continue to shape our planet.

From volcanoes to earthquakes to gold to oceans to other solar systems, I discuss what is intriguing and illuminating about the rocks beneath our feet and above our heads.

The IMO has installed more seismometers around the volcano to keep track of all these earthquakes.

We really don’t know how many swarms might happen before an eruption occurs, or how large the eruption could be, or even if it will be an explosive eruption or lava flows.

#Öræfajökull: Live Activity status tool on RNC9vz3zh is to help people understand how seismically active the #volcano is/has been.

Current n of #earthquakes (red) is compared to average ‘background’ (blue) #scicomm #Iceland BFu — Evgenia Ilyinskaya (@EIlyinskaya) November 20, 2017 Now, this isn’t the first swarm the volcano has experienced as of late.

Instead of a big, explosive eruption, it was dominated by trachyandesitic lava flows under the ice that produced large jökulhlaups (glacial outburst floods).