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She has several deep, tearful conversations about the meaning of life and coming to grips with her own mortality. It’s not that the humor or Emma’s cute recovery PJs come off as treating cancer lightly, or making Emma’s illness the butt of the show’s jokes.

There are also In part, this is because unlike most cancer storytelling on TV, there’s almost no effort to make the physical elements of Emma’s illness a part of the show. The show doesn’t ignore the physical ramifications of cancer, but it doesn’t prioritize them either.

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This way, it will be easier to choose who you want to talk to.(Or love, or both.) Cancer stories also come with a vibe. It’s a mood where sad piano music plays over a montage of slow IV drips, intercut with gathered family wide shots and close-ups of brave-but-pained smiles. When he’s feeling better, those scenes are tinged with the looming shadow of “sure, he’s fine is also still the same show it’s always been.If you’ve seen the most recent season of , the vibe will be familiar you to from every scene with Randall and his birth father, William. It’s a sunny half-hour comedy about female friendship, so silly and warm and odd that breasts are usually called “mammer jammers,” and one of the two leads has an alternate identity as a rude trucker dude named Bosephus, and a typical plot involves teaching the local police how to strip dance.The same goes for Christina Braverman’s cancer story, and also Dana’s on story.Other things happen, but there’s no escaping that foundational premise for the series. Maggie and Emma find the cancer together, the result of a silly friendship prank that involves embarrassment and false pretenses and good intentions. And when they’re apart, Emma’s diagnosis and the way they’re both learning how to handle it is still the primary subject.We all know how important our communication lines are, and how often they should be open, but there is nothing more superior to being able to have sex via Skype anytime anywhere by using the palm of our hands.