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Over time, the organization has evolved from a strictly crisis-driven agency to one striving to develop longer-term services addressing community needs such as low-income housing and the unavailability of medical, mental health and substance abuse resources.

Click here for more history about Safelight Without effective intervention, abuse can and usually does escalate in severity. We can guide you to the options that are right for you and your situation.

We offer free, confidential help for adults and children affected by domestic violence, sexual assault or child abuse.

Our services include a 24-hour crisis line, emergency shelter, advocacy, counseling, case management, support groups, job training, transitional housing and much more.

Choose your location or consult about WNC alternatives. Spiritual, non-denominational, interfaith, multi-cultural, civil or secular.

If you decide you want Gary to officiate at your wedding, arrangements can be made in person or by email or telephone. Your ceremony will reflect the spiritual tone that best agrees with your personal beliefs.

The course is available to everyone, but provides a special opportunity for Tennessee residents to save on their TN marriage license.

Additional customized special services are available including vow renewals, baby welcoming and naming, memorial services/celebration of life, commitment ceremonies, animal blessings, home and business blessings.

Whether it is your first marriage or otherwise, you are warmly welcomed.

I will accommodate partners of different faiths, different races or ethnic backgrounds, and those who have been previously divorced or widowed. Facebook: https:// We marry “PEOPLE” who are in love regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, or previous marriages.

Responsibility for the crime lies with your attacker. Safelight provides prevention education and training in our communities to create social change that breaks the cycle of violence, builds healthy relationships, stops bullying and ends teen dating violence.

Our facility 34 beds and cribs, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, living rooms, playroom and quiet room.

We make it possible for families who want to be free of violent relationships, to succeed. Today, due to Safelight's broad community support and partners, we are addressing needs in mental health, substance abuse, employment and housing.