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Only recently have I remembered an incident in that country that may have portended the current electronic torture and mind control.In about 1976 or 1977, for several evenings while in my bedroom before retiring I was struck suddenly with a sense of overwhelming gloom that tended toward panic.After retirement, in the 1990's, I went to an American dentist with problems with the same molar on which the South American dentist had supposedly performed the root canal.

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(More on that later.) Five years later I was assigned to a different South American country. One day when I had a problem with a molar, I asked that person to recommend a dentist.One of the national employees who worked in my section was a Jewish woman who had worked with the Israeli Consulate before that office closed, and then she began working with the U. She referred me to a German Jewish "dentist," who supposedly did a root canal on that tooth.Only governments can train in secrecy the cadre of handlers who administer the electronic assault and mind control activities, using deception and psychology.Even mega corporations and businesses would not be able to carry out electronic assault and mind control in secrecy unless they did so under cover of government work and with government protection. Government in South America when the 1973 Arab-Israeli War broke out.Fortunately, the internet brings together targeted individuals (TIs) of electronic torture and mind control from all conceivable backgrounds.

Race and ethnicity, color, gender, religion, politics, philosophical views, and all other human characteristics and thought, fade and become one as targets suffer from the same evil.

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Even now, after finishing the paper, when I go back to add a salient point, I often find that a portion has been altered or deleted.

Powerful forces do not want papers such as this one written and disseminated.

Their attempts to intimidate me had the opposite affect.