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When the resident of the home, Andrew Finch (far right), 28, came to his front door, he was shot dead by a police officer.

The shooting was captured by police body cam seen in the center photo.

The company declined repeated invitations to comment on its safety record.The killer blaze was the worst in New York in a quarter century and the youngest victim was a baby.And though the conditions may be treacherous, gorgeous photos of places such as Niagara Falls show glittering frozen icicles and bright white snow piles almost make the arctic chill worth it.Ohio man Tim Sherman has penned a heartbreaking essay detailing the heroin overdose of his 23-year-old daughter, Karisten. He describes how he had accompanied her to her first Narcotics Anonymous meeting and how, during one conversation they had, he told her: 'If you can’t kick the dragon for good I will be the one to zip you up, but I will be with you every step of the way when you need me.' Describing her death, he wrote: 'Well, I kept my word and spread the bag out and carefully placed her in it to say goodbye to her so they can find out what it was that she took.He describes how his daughter had been clean for about a year before he got the nightmare call on Christmas Eve. I zipped her up in her body bag and helped them carefully place her on the cot.' Pictured at left and right is Karisten.

Pictured inset is her father with a different woman.

The bitter temperatures have already been blamed for a handful of deaths and cancelled in long list of weekend celebrations.

Mountain weather-related headaches continue to pile up in already winter-weary parts of the Midwest and East Cost experiencing highway pileups, frozen pips and car thefts.

Erica has been speaking out against police brutality ever since her father, Eric Garner (bottom), died after he was placed in a chokehold by an NYPD officer in 2014.

His last words were 'I can't breathe,' which became a slogan for activists.

Los Angeles police have arrested a 25-year-old gamer they say made a prank call that led a SWAT team to fatally shoot an innocent man over an online gaming dispute.