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He fondled my bosom gently before fastening his lips on them.

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He again went for French kissing after playing with my bosom.But, this time he moved down over my neck while kissing.I embraced him tightly and widen my legs to show him that I was ready to accept him. I jumped with excitement when his hands ran over my bosom. He spread my legs apart and then inserted his cock deep inside my body.He moved his cock in all directions slowly in my body.Overall, we got comfortable with each other in disc that helped us in taking our relationship to next level.

We didn’t wait to kiss each other passionately as the apartment door was shut.

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One of my best sexual encounters was when I dressed up as a school girl.

My client too was tired after his sexual adventure and slept beside me.

He bought me a new dress when I work as my school dress was in pretty much bad shape.

The guy made me comfortable first and after the general introduction took me straight to bed.