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Aber das ist nicht das Gleiche, wie der Live Video Dating Chat. Sie können sehen, wie ihre schöne russische Frau lächelt und sich bewegt, wie sie sich Ihre Fragen überlegt.

If to speak about passive leisure time, I like to read books very much.

I like historical novels and, of course, books about love.

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We use to play football in sumer and snowballs in winter, we jump in the puddles after the rain! )) It brings a lot of fun and helps to keep fit :) When I have a calm cozy evening at home I like spending time with a book.

I prefer historical novels and detective stories, my favorite authors are Alexandre Dumas and Jack London.

I guess when you meet the right person you will feel that click in your heart.

Natürlich wollen Sie wissen, on die besten russischen Frauen real sind, nicht wahr?

I am looking for a man who wants to marry and to have a happy family. We can have fun and take the right decisions together. But most of all I love dancing:-) I am a belly dancer.

My man is a loving, sustainable, caring, kind-hearted, honest, supportive, hard-working, goal-oriented, intelligent, family-oriented and brave. He likes children and ready to be responsible for them. Yes, yes, you read correctly:-) This is my passion. I admire the gracious moves of the belly dancers and It really helps me to relax, feel sexy and feminine.

He likes to dream with me, put the goals and achieve them in any case. Plus it helps me to keep fit;) I don't have any certain criteria of a man I want to meet.