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But it's also a nifty illustration of the way, with laughter, what's traditional and what's modern can successfully mix. If you happen to be searching for a perfect Jewish mate, here's one way to tell if you've met "The One." Give him -- or her -- a copy of this book.

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But I also began to home in on the qualities that I was looking for." Which were?

"I liked the dark-haired smart ones who were family oriented, seriously funny, and fully equipped to say the blessings at Shabbos dinner with my parents." In other words? Rosen decided to explore her "traditional Bubbe-approved taste in romantic partners" through a blog that combined age-old Jewish values with modern day memes. The cover of PORN FOR JEWS shows a sexy mensch who gazes at the reader with bedroom eyes... (And the author photo is of a curly haired Jewish temptress who is, naturally, eating rugelach.) Inside is series of photos of adorable Jewish twenty-somethings, uttering pick-up lines like: You're Jewish?

Others are part of Jews for Jesus, attend churches, or are part of The Holy Land experience.

We also have Christian singles and Messianic Jews who are divorced and are ready to find a soul mate for marriage.

If you're free later, they're showing Schindler's List at the JCC.

I grew up Reform but I'd go Reconstructionist for you. We gather for dinners, movies, theater, day trips, hiking, museums, festivals, even seders together. This is a social group for Jewish Singles, both men and women, ages 50 - 70.Sasson V'Simcha's aim is to help all Jewish men and women achieve their goals of happy and enduring marriages. Saw You At is the only online Jewish Matchmaking site that allows you to select a Matchmaker that will be your own personal agent to finding the right match for you.Our website is filled with an assortment of dating tips, advice about matchmakers, hints for singles groups and information about our non-profit organization and its programs throughout the U. Whether you work with a Matchmaker today or need to find a Matchmaker that meets your needs and personality, our system will allow you to experience a Matchmaking process that facilitates more accurate matches.In addition, many of our members are part of Messianic Ministries or Messianic Israel Ministries and are Jewish Christians and Hebrew Christians.