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Fluids are given either by mouth or through a vein.

Both adults and children are at risk for a variety of infections, such as pneumonia and bone infections.

They should be examined whenever they experience fevers, since early diagnosis and treatment result in better outcomes.

This is done using a sample of amniotic fluid or tissue taken from the placenta.

(Amniotic fluid is the fluid in the sac surrounding a growing embryo.

Those with more severe sickle cell anemia may benefit from daily administration of a medicine called hydroxyurea.

This medicine may help reduce the number of painful crises.Severe or long-lasting anemia can damage the heart, brain, lungs, kidney, spleen, and other organs of the body. Many people with sickle cell disease live with chronic pain, especially in their bones.However, sudden pain that can occur anywhere in the body is also a common symptom of sickle cell disease.Hydroxyurea treatment may be helpful in reducing crises and the need for transfusions.People with sickle cell disease should have regular checkups to detect eye damage.Hydroxyurea is used to prevent painful crises, not to treat them when they occur.