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At face value, they seemed to suggest a timeless Universe driven by deterministic rules to persist indefinitely.’ He pointed out that if the Universe were an endless sea of stars, if you trace a line toward any angle of the sky, eventually it would reach one of them.

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Newtonian gravitation, Poe asserts, must eventually pull all objects together into a unified whole, like a whirlpool drawing debris to a centre (drawing on one of Poe’s favourite images).

Eureka begins with a dedication to Humboldt, and later lauds his attempts to describe the Universe: The nearest approach to [a survey of the Universe] is made in the ‘Cosmos’ of Alexander von Humboldt.

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Sacramento County: Some of my Favorite Placer County Graphs: DOWNLOAD 80 graphs HERE: Please download all graphs in this post (and more) here as a zip file.

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