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We will cover every topic that you can imagine (and maybe a few you haven’t).You and I together will leave no subject unexplored.

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Yvonne Rice writes about how to be open with yourself, yet wary of some of the trawling that goes on by both sexes.I thoroughly recommend you read this before you go any further and the added touch of the cartoons are fantastic! But their inner strength and their unending determination to learn and have a better life is truly inspirationa I.Whilst the book will be most useful to the Internet dating novice, it also has lots of tips which will assist current users to be more successful in their dating endeavours. I was looking for a partner, and I'd tried everything else with varying degrees of success, so I thought I'd give the Internet a go.As a former dating agency director (pre-Internet popularity), I had a very good understanding of the frustrations people experience trying to find the person they are seeking (me included).So you’ve decided to take the plunge and try online dating.

You’ve plucked up the courage and you are ready to try it.

In fact, each scenario is basically set up so that you can get straight to point of what you want in as little as 3 texts.

The book also shows the common mistakes that guys tend to make over and over again when they text girls.

What you really get with Magnetic Messaging is a step by step guide to texting that will help you know what to say, and perhaps more importantly, what not to.

The advice and tips given seem great and are well worth taking an in-depth look at, but just remember that when those texts work and you get that hot girl to go out, it’s them up to you to impress her without the use of your mobile phone.

Or you are already doing it and are tired of being disappointed.