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There is no “save” button, so basically what you do is click the “Add new satellite” button.

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These will be mentioned below when putting in the scripts.

First off, the interface for adding scripts takes a little getting used to.

LRPT is digital and has always been a little trickier, but with just a little extra effort, you can receive both with the same equipment.

This guide is designed for people who either already have some basic radio/antenna knowledge, but I’ll provide links to some deeper sources of information where further clarification might be needed.

What it allows you to do is create a virtual audio connection from one piece of software to another.

In our case, we are going to use it to pipe the audio output of SDR# to WXto IMG. We’ll configure it’s options in other sections of this guide.

For LRPT, SDR# sends a command to open the LRPT decoding software which it then connects to over a TCP link.

The audio data is sent over this link and when the signal is locked on, the LRPT decoding software does it’s magic. When the decoding is done, we take the LRPT image processing software and turn those ugly pictures into pretty pictures.

APT (Automatic Picture Transmission), and LRPT (Low Rate Picture Transmission).

APT is an analog signal and is generally the easiest to get started with.

Since the satellite moves across the sky relative to our fixed position on the ground, the frequency changes a little bit depending on if it’s going towards us or away from us.