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It is not so finely tuned and contains many more italicized glosses which interrupt the flow.

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The last meeting of the EU-Montenegro Civil Society Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) took place in Brussels on 19 December.The JCC's members discussed the current state of play and the work ahead in Montenegro's accession negotiations to the EU and adopted a final declaration. Digitisation has brought about significant changes in the labour market and workers engaged in new forms of employment are often excluded from accessing social security.If you have any feedback, contact us and let us know! Participating as keynote speaker in a high-level colloquium, organised by EESC President Dassis on "The position of Greece within the future of Europe", Greeceā€™s Alternate Foreign Minister for European Affairs George Katrougkalos engaged in a lively exchange with Greek EESC members and the Presidents of the Greek civil society organisations represented at the Greek ESC, Athens, 21/12/17.New incentives aim to foster a fairer division of childcare and other caring duties between men and women, which should help reduce the persistent gender employment gap Measures proposed by the European Commission to help families achieve a better work-life balance and tackle the unequal distribution of care responsibilities between men and women represent a step in the right direction, said the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) at its plenary session in December.

Freedom of expression and the media remains a serious concern in Montenegro.

But, as was stated earlier, comparing all three versions side-by-side, it becomes clear that the KJV translators rejected numerous revisions made in the "Later Version", and chose instead individual words and phraseology found in one variant or another of the "Early Version". Simply put, in countless passages of the "Early Version", both the poetry of the language and fidelity to the original Greek text are superior to that found in the "Later Version".

As the words contained within the square brackets in "Wycliffe-Purvey" readily demonstrate, the KJV translators repeatedly followed the "Early Version", rather than the "Later Version", in regard to prepositions ("the" in "EV" replaced by "a" in "LV"), verb forms (e.g., "saying" and "sitting" in "EV" replaced by "said" and "sat" in "LV"), and phrase order within a verse ("a/b/c" in "EV" rearranged into "b/a/c" in "LV").

More than two hundred years later, they were utilized again by the KJV translators.

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