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Consumer Reports has been writing about this technology, which is often called automatic content recognition (ACR), since 2015, and since then it has only become more widespread.

Like the details of what you like on Facebook or search using Google, information collected by TV makers can be sold to big data brokers who compile consumer information for sale to marketers.

HEIC files are half the size with no perceptible loss in quality but because they offer a range of other benefits as well.

Until HEIF is widely supported across popular apps, however, you may want to continue shooting in the JPEG/H.264 formats.

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"The ACR program never paired viewing data with personally identifiable information such as name or contact information, and the Commission did not allege or contend otherwise," Vizio wrote.

"Instead, as the Complaint notes, the practices challenged by the government related only to the use of viewing data in the ‘aggregate’ to create summary reports measuring viewing audiences or behaviors." Regardless of how such data is being used, you might prefer to keep your viewing habits to yourself.The following devices can take images in the HEIF format and record H.265 video: If your hardware is listed and you’ve upgraded to i OS 11, you may want to consider changing your capture format from the new HEIF/H.265 back to the more compatible JPEG/H.264. TIP: If you have HEIF-encoded images in the Photos app and would like to transfer them to a computer as JPEGs, go to Settings → Photos and tap Automatic at the bottom of the screen.This will transcode HEIF/H.265 media into JPEG/H.264 when using the USB transfer method.(Our colleagues at the Consumerist have more details.) Other makers of internet-connected TVs, including Samsung and LG, track their users' viewing habits, too.But unlike Vizio, those companies require people to nominally agree to the practice by clicking "OK" to a privacy policy during setup.As mentioned, i OS 11’s Camera app defaults to HEIF/H.265 capture if your device supports it. All photos taken after toggling on the Most Compatible setting will be saved to the Photos app as JPEGs and videos you capture will be encoded with the H.264 codec .