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See: Canada is home to an ever-increasing population of migrants from all over the world.In recent years, Canada has witnessed large numbers of immigrants from Asia and Africa.1 South Asian, Chinese and black populations accounted for 61.3% of the racialised population in Canada in 2011, with South Asians making up the largest segment at 25%.1 In Ontario, large populations of South Asian immigrants have made parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) their home.

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Setting In-depth semistructured interviews were carried out with South Asian youth living in Peel Region (Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon), a suburb of Toronto, Canada, home to over 50% of Ontario’s South Asian population.

Primary and secondary outcome measures Qualitative interview themes related to mental health stressors and mental health service access barriers experienced by youth living in Peel Region were assessed using thematic analysis.

Immigrant parents have always tried to preserve Indian cultural mores and traditions in their children, Little India reports.

Renu Jokhun, 46, a primary school teacher in the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, is one such mother, arguing that dating is not a part of Indian culture. “I believe there is nothing wrong or against Indian values in dating someone.

Muslim immigrant youth may be at risk for maladaptation in the host country because of discrimination and difficulties in cultural transition.8 On the other hand, stressors such as peer relations, lack of attention from parents and parental pressure to succeed have been identified for Punjabi Sikh youth.9 Each subpopulation of youth faces unique challenges to their mental health.

Research with South Asian adults in Canada has found lower prevalence rates of mental health service use.10 Gadalla11 found that almost one-third of South Asians diagnosed with major depressive episode cited no access to available care.

I wasn’t allowed to go places alone and do things on my own.

We don’t become independent and this hinders us in the future.” Sookdiyal dated a boy in school, but hid it from her parents.

But if you are not open to them, your children will never tell you about it.

So it’s better you accept and be open to it.”Says Ankit Doshi, 24, a business management student who works as a receptionist in a hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia, “I am an Indian and I do love my culture, but I need my freedom and space.” His parents gave him the independence to date a girl in college and he introduced her to his family.

South Asian youth were only able to identify about a third (36%) of the mental health resources presented to them and did not feel well informed about mental health resources available in their neighbourhood.