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The first boat is available to begin the Bremerton run in early 2017, and Kingston service would begin soon after.

By Wes Larson and Steve Sego This November, Kitsap County voters will have the opportunity to approve a high-speed cross-sound ferry system linking North Kitsap, Bremerton and South Kitsap to downtown Seattle.

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Perhaps the greatest benefit will be a locally managed, funded and supported ferry system that will reduce our reliance on the state ferries that struggle to maintain existing service levels with uncertain revenues.

Naysayers point to the cost and risk of operating passenger-only ferries, and question Kitsap County's ability to run a ferry system that is otherwise relatively commonplace in waterfront communities throughout the world.

Too often our children leave the West Sound for education, business and career opportunities unavailable locally.

The high-speed cross-sound ferry will efficiently link students and those seeking employment in world-class businesses with schools and jobs easily accessed from all of Kitsap County.

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On Tuesday night, police were called to the 8100 block of 31st Avenue Southwest, in the city’s Roxhill neighborhood, after reports of shots fired and a man lying in the street.

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These 30-minute crossings are first and foremost about having better access to jobs and economic opportunity for Kitsap County.