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Said he was half French/half Italian and turned out his French side was Algerian.

He also said no to children on it and had one child in the city to another woman.

Since we seemed to have some compatibility, I invited her out for drinks and dinner. Some are guys using ex GF names and photos to give them a 'rep'.

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I went out to dinner with a fairly attractive girl after talking to her online. After awhile, she asks me what my astrological sign is. She gets this weird look and says that her ex was an Aries too, she goes to the "washroom" and didn't come back, stiffing me with the bill.

After my breakup with my ex, I wanted to meet other girls so I went to "American Singles" or something similar.

I've tried Online dating off and on for about 3 years. The idea of this thread is to have you post your worst online dating horror stories.

Don't specifically identify the idividuals - this isn't the Springer Show. They all showed a fairly average, well groomed and dressed middle age lady.

I wouldn't have minded that if I had liked him and he had been white,but for God's sake don't lie about it and say the opposite when you meet up. Okay, I didn't have one at first but put one on,and still got responses.

However,it makes me think they could be married or are hiding something.Sure, we all hear about decent human beings connecting with each other via online dating sites then meeting up, hooking up, and even shacking up. I’m living proof that chivalry isn’t dead just yet. I’m always going to be myself, so what you see is what you get.But sites like Ok Cupid, Match.com, and others aren’t all virtual flowers and fairy-tale social-networking romances. Especially when an intelligent, smart, totally awesome woman must sort through piles of gnarly missives drafted by web-savvy Neanderthals to find her prince. you look very very nice im 27 looking for someone real sincere honest women who is serious about relationship i know many women not like me want to have relationship with me cuz im from faraway but i still hope one day i ll meet my dream women she ll love me alot and same i ll return i feel to message u so i did lets friend and get to know other better if u interested im waiting" —Mr North Pole"hi my name is nick. (I happen to think you’ll be getting a good thing, but that’s what this is all about, right? was lucky enough to have found one very special person and loved her with all my heart and soul, gave her my time, my attention, my loving support, and did the best i could to always be there...One of my biggest peeves are women who post photos that are not accurate. I contacted her and spent a week or two emailing and chatting.During one chat we exchanged even more photos including ones she stated were only a few weeks old.These aren't 18-year old hotties, they're women in their forties. On one site my photo was rated a 7.6 on a scale of 1 to 10. I live in the Bay Area, so I'm sure that's not helping, but Jeez!! " it was soo embarrassing, the whole restaurant was looking at us.